Our Vancouver boutique-style store has a friendly atmosphere where you can relax, talk about music and enjoy listening to music. Our selections are all top-rated products by critical audiophile journals. Unlike most other retail audio stores which are there to sell you just any piece of gear, with us there is a passion to recommend audio equipment that reproduce music well. Our knowledge is backed up with over 100 years of involve­ments with the High-End Audio Industry.

Want the best value in audio and video equipment and a selection of unique products you won’t find just anywhere? We carry the best from Jadis, Nola, Naim Audio, KEF, Audio­Quest, Lyngdorf / Steinway, Spendor, Rega Research (Turntables, Amp­lifiers, Speakers), Chord / Chordette, EMM Labs, Meitner, PMC, Siltech, Kimber, PSB, NAD, Neat Speakers, Cambridge Audio, wireless Bluesound products, iFi DACs / Amps for Head­phones, Stax Electrostatic Headphones, Sal­amander Furniture Designed for housing Hi-Fi and Video products and all-in-one systems from Naim Mu-so. Distinguish your audio components, shop for the best value in sonic excellence at every price range, at Pat’s Audio Art.

Pat officially retired Jan. 15th 2024



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