The focus of HABATAT Galleries is on glass art. Established in 1971, HABATAT Galleries is recognized as the oldest glass gallery in the United States, dedicated to representing the finest glass art in the world. The gallery has a long-standing passion for glass art, and it aims to help collectors add world-class pieces of glass art to their collections. Notably, Jon Kuhn, a pioneer in cold sculpted glass, is among the artists represented by the gallery, highlighting its commitment to showcasing leading talents in the glass art domain.

Representing 123
Distinguished Artists

These artists and their unique approaches to glass art demonstrate the breadth of techniques and styles represented by HABATAT Galleries. From the traditional to the innovative, the gallery’s collection showcases the versatility of glass as a medium for artistic expression, highlighting its ability to transform when exposed to light and offering viewers an immersive and endlessly inspiring experience.



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