Welcome to my Raydianze Artistry

My name is René Ertzinger, and on the net it’s aka Raydianze for my artistry and design. I’m Canadian/Swiss-German, and my history with artistry goes back to the early 90’s using PC Fractint for exploring fractal designs.

The Raydianze Artistry website offers a presentation of select Fractals and other digital designs from the many thousands I’ve made throughout the years.

What I learn from Fractals, is that everything has underlying mathematical formulas that determine shape, texture and form. Exploring fractals, it’s like having a super-powerful telescope to see what is mathematically possible and uncovering designs that  exist somewhere in this huge universe . . .

Lifewise, it’s about family, friends, client relations, and socializing. My inner compass aims at truth, beauty and goodness in life and I consider myself to be a dedicated student of “The Urantia Book” and its teachings.

Workwise, I have a passion for WordPress website design and development.

Apppreciated, Earth, people, nature, minimalism, being honest, truthful, upbeat, positive & happy-go-lucky. Music, Hollywood, movies, sci-fi, action, photography, architecture, design, artistry, and things like glitz & glamour.

Motto, “Personal Integrity” is everything!